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It can be done by hardware such as a capture card, or by software which is the most cost-effective zd screen recorder flexible way. Different software uses different methods to capture screen. The GDI screen capture is the most widely used and simplest method among them, but its performance is poor that lags the system badly because there are graphics pipeline stalls when reading data from the video RAM to the system RAM. In order to zd screen recorder this problem, we developed the GPU accelerated screen capture technology which can reduce the pipeline stalls significantly. If you use our SDK in your projects, your application can record screen very smoothly without system lags too.

ZD Soft Screen Recorder

zd screen recorder

Usually this might happen when recording PC game screen or capturing video from media player, you can: Right-click the Region Info bar in the control panel. Click the context menu item Detect Game Screen to enable it. If you have tried the steps above but still no luck, you can: Click the Settings button in the control panel to open the settings dialog.

Disable the GPU acceleration option in the Screen group. To change the output folder: Click the … button next to the Save as edit field in the Video group to select a folder for saving your recordings. To change the output filename: Click the edit field next to the Save as label in the Video group, select a preset filename or enter your desired filename.

This is because the foreground application is running with elevated privileges while ZD Soft Screen Recorder is running with standard privileges by default, so that the hotkey message is not passed to ZD Soft Screen Recorder. To solve this problem, you can right-click on ZD Soft Screen Recorder’s icon on desktop, choose Run as administrator from the context menu.

Click the Settings button in the control panel. Point to the Advanced Options sub-menu item of the context menu. Select the Run as Administrator option from the pop-up sub-menu. What’s the maximum duration of a recording?

For the MP4 format, you can record for approximately 27 hours per recording due to some restrictions of the format. For the AVI and FLV formats, there is no recording duration restriction, so, if there is sufficient free hard disk space, you can record for as long time as you want without break. How to fix this? Click the Settings button in the control panel to open the settings dialog, find the Sound group, and: If you are going to record the system audio you hear from speakers or headphone, enable the Source 1 option.

If you are going to record your voice you speak via a microphone, enable the Source 2 option. If you are going to record both the system audio and your voice, enable both the Source 1 and Source 2 options. And don’t select a specific audio device from the device list unless you know exactly which device is active.


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