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Regpirate Windows WebSite Watcher Thus, it can also be installed on USB flash drives for portability. Now, although not particularly intuitive. Hence, the interface is user-friendly and lets you organize multiple bookmarks into lists.

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website watcher key

Main steps are to select the text you want to filter and then to classify the selected text eg. The Filter-Assistant can be started directly in the internal browser simply hold the Alt key pressed while selecting the text you want to filter or in the bookmark properties by clicking the “Filter-Assistant” button.

Filter types There are two types of filters that can be created with the Filter-Assistant: It can for example be used to only monitor the software version number on a download page. Select the text you want to filter for example: A unique text can easily be identified by the filter system.

If you would only select “3,”, then WebSite-Watcher would find and filter all numbers with separators. The combination of the text “Downloads today: After selecting the text, click the “Page” button and click “Create new filter” to start the Filter-Assistant. If you hold the “Alt” key pressed while selecting the text, the Filter-Assistant will be started automatically. Step 2: Select the filter type you want to create in our case: Ignore selected text with changing numbers After the Filter-Assistant popped up, you have to select the filter type you want to create.

Based on the selected filter type, the assistant will guide you through the rest of the creation process. The next step is to classify the selected text, on our case it is a text with changing numbers.

After you have classified the selected text, WebSite-Watcher will display all matching results for verification before the filter is finally created. There can be zero results when WebSite-Watcher was not able to find the selected text, one result if the selection was a unique text, or more results if WebSite-Watcher was able to find more matches which are “compatible” with the created filter.

If WebSite-Watcher doesn’t find a result, then you should try to make a more unique selection. The order of filters is important! Filters are always executed from top to bottom, that means that the filter in the first line is executed before the filter in the second line, and so on. The content that is filtered with the first filter will then no longer be available for filter definitions in the following lines.

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