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tweaking com pro key

On Windows 8, 8. After spending 6 days non stop working on this and why it happened, I thought it was permissions related since the owner of the key was different. For some reason when Windows would create a new user it would set the owner based off the group instead of the account, very odd I know. The program normally added the system account to the administrators group as it was a fix from xp and windows 7 where sometimes the system account wouldn’t have full access Before the repairs where applied.

The program no longer does this for Windows 7 and newer and even now removes system from the administrators group, so if you ran Windows repair on a system before and run it again it will remove it for you. Creating New users on Windows 8, 8.

Bug fix and improvement. Yet another reason to run the repairs in safe mode is to make sure no other user hives are loaded. Well just in case other user hives are loaded, the program now applies the defaults properly for each loaded user hive.

So not only will this keep from messing up the permissions it will now even fix the permissions for any loaded users as well. Some users who are still on Windows 8 and not 8. It appears the default permissions from 8 to 8. So I have now added the default permissions for Windows 8 up to all updates MS has put out for 8 before requiring the user to update to 8.

While this makes the program a little bigger having the default permissions for 8 stored as well, it now makes sure Windows 8 users get the proper permissions set Which even helps them update to 8. Also removed the text telling the user to post in the forums if they needed help getting missing cat or mum files.

There are millions of these files, myself and my forum moderators simply cant keep up with so many. A guide will be written soon to help users get the files they need themselves.

Improved the permissions repairs greatly. In my task to find the cause of another problem, I was determined to get the default permissions applied back as close as possible. Microsoft gives you a lot of different ways to set the permissions, each one with its own pros and cons.

Before this update on the same machine I would take the defaults from, there would be a few hundreds registry keys where the permissions where not identical in the SDDL string format after restoring the default permissions.

This was because of how the Windows API was applying the permissions it would combine permissions, so even though the permissions where still technically correct, they where not identical to the defaults. After this update the differences where now down to under 15, much much better Updated default permissions for Windows 7,8, 8. Updated Tweaking. Click to expand

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