Stellar phoenix photo recovery key and name

This Programe helps you recover your photos and other media files even after you have lost them stellar phoenix photo recovery key and name to corruption of the storage device, formatting, and deleting of your Memory Card, SD card, SDHC Card, Pen Drive, MMC, Hard Disk, and other storage media both internal in addition to external storage media. It supports a huge range of digital media file formats, including photos, images, songs, videos, movies, etc. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 7 Keygen delivers a simple interface for rescuing your images. The application recovers your images by scanning your hard drive.

Stellar phoenix photo recovery name and key registration

stellar phoenix photo recovery key and name

My name is Thomas Boldt. I have not received any kind of special consideration or compensation from Stellar Data Recovery to write this review, and they have not had any influence over the outcome of the tests or the contents of the review. In addition, to test how effective Stellar Photo Recovery 7 is at recovering files found during the free trial scan, we purchased a registration key and activated the full version to evaluate file recovery quality which turned out to be a bit disappointing.

What is Stellar Photo Recovery? Stellar Photo Recovery is designed for restoring media files that have been deleted, whether through a simple accidental delete command or a formatting process. It can recover a wide range of media types, including photos, audio and video files, but does not provide other file recovery options. If you also have documents, emails, etc. The two programs are more powerful than Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery in terms of supported file types.

Is It Safe to Use? It is absolutely safe to use, as the only time it interacts with your file system is when it scans your storage media and writes recovered files to the disk.

The installer file and the program files themselves all pass checks from both Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Is It Free? The full features of the software are not free, although you can download the software and scan your storage media for deleted files before deciding whether or not to purchase. This information can be found in the email Stellar Phoenix sends to you after you make the purchase.

An email with step-by-step guide on how to register the product. How long does the scan take? Due to the nature of data recovery, the length of the scan typically depends on how large the storage media is and how badly corrupted the data is.

A Closer Look at Stellar Photo Recovery At first glance, the photo recovery software looks like a modern, well-designed program that pays attention to user interface. Things start to get a bit more confusing when you actually start working with the software. Even more bafflingly, it actually let me scan the mystery drive, and it found images that I know belong to me!

It took a hard lesson for me to appreciate the value of backups, but you only let something like that happen to you once. Test 1: Overwritten Camera Memory Card Working with many different but similar-looking memory cards can make it easy to accidentally reformat and start shooting with the wrong one. This is the most difficult test of data recovery software, because it requires searching more than just supposedly empty storage space.

Simply popping the card into my Kingston card reader was all it took for Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery to identify it and present me with the option to start scanning. Stellar Photo Recovery managed to find a total of files, although that is counting the that are currently supposed to be on the card. Scanning through the supposedly empty storage space found the remaining files, some of which were from the end of last year. It appears that none of the storage space that was overwritten by new photos could have older data extracted from it, although more powerful recovery software might be able to do so.

One issue that I found when sorting through the scan results was that there was no way to select multiple files at once, even though I could restore everything on the card by selecting the entire folder on the left. If I wanted to restore only of the deleted files I would have had to select each one individually, which would quickly become annoying. So far, things were looking good. It scanned my media, found files that could be recovered, and the recovery process was relatively fast.

However, things started to go wrong as soon as I opened the folder where I saved the recovered files. I had only selected a few. No JPEG files were listed in the scan and recovery process, and yet they appeared in the folder.

Despite being able to accurately determine the Nikon-specific RAW format during the scan process, none of the recovered files were usable. Needless to say, this was a pretty disappointing result, even for someone like me who knows that data recovery can be an emotional rollercoaster ride. Even though it seemed to have no trouble recognizing my Nikon-specific RAW files during the scanning phase, I decided to give it a try and see if it would help.

This process is handled in the Preferences section of the program, and has a couple of options. I performed the scanning process on the same memory card all over again, except I started by using the drive list instead of the autoplay scanning option. This change was necessary so that I could access the Advanced Settings section in order to set it to only search for files with the file type that I just created. Oddly, this time the scan took longer, despite the fact that it was only looking for a single file type, but that might have been due to scanning for the custom file type that I added.

Unfortunately, this was no more successful than the previous attempt. I was presented with files of 32KB each — the right number of files identified during my first scan, but the file size was far too small and consistent to be correct. But after the surprising results of the first recovery attempt, it was worth testing to see what the software would actually output in Windows when I recovered them.

Equally surprisingly, the output turned out to be exactly what was shown in the scan results, but none of the files were usable and gave the same error message in Photoshop as before.

In the interest of thoroughness, I went back and performed the same steps again, but this time choosing the Local Disk entry for the memory card instead of the Removable Disk entry. For some reason, this gave me a slightly different scan process. Unfortunately, despite the slightly different interface and launch method, this scan was no more successful than the first one.

Instead, it simply found the same useless 32KB. NEF files from the previous attempt in addition to the existing files. Spencer Cox reviewed the program in PhotographyLife , stating that an older version of Stellar Photo Recovery failed miserably in recovering images from his Nikon De. He then updated his review recently, stating that the latest 7. From the screenshots he posted, it seems he was using the Mac version of Photo Recovery 7, which leads me to believe that the Windows version is yet to improve.

Test 2: The drive was detected properly once I plugged it in, and made the scan easy to start. Everything seemed to perform properly, and it found every single one of the files that I included in my test folder during the scan process — as well as several extra mystery NEF files.

Checking the results of the recovery process showed me a similar set of extracted JPEG previews in the NEF folder, although this time all of the files except one could be opened and read by Photoshop. The video files worked properly without issue. Now onto the final test! There are dozens of undelete tools out there in the market that can do the job, often for free. One of the merits Stellar Phoenix shows, in my humble opinion, is its superior capability to preview found files, especially video and audio files — which would make the file identification process relatively easy.

Test 3: Scanning the entire GB drive for all file types is a slow process, despite the fact that I have a solid state drive that is essentially a high-capacity thumb drive. It is subject to a lot more random reads and writes, however, which could cause a situation closer to the failed memory card test. This generated a lot of unhelpful results, such as images from around the web that were in my temporary internet files and are regularly deleted without my input.

Every file that I had deleted was listed, but none of them could be properly recovered. Bizarrely, some of the JPEG files seemed to have been replaced by other files from my internet temp files. I have the same conclusion after testing Stellar Photo Recovery on Mac.

First of all, unlike other recovery programs that offer a quick scan mode, Stellar Phoenix only has one scan mode i. Deep Scan. My Mac could burn out running the program for that long, because the CPU has been way over-used by the app. And yes, my MacBook pro is overheating. The first impression I have is that lots of junk images are found and listed, making it very hard to locate the ones I wanted to see and recover though I did find some.

Also, I noticed all file names had been reset to be random digits. I was able to recover recently deleted files during just one of my three tests, and it was the simplest one. I was unable to restore media files from a formatted memory card during the first test, and the final test of a primary usage drive also failed to restore files that I had deleted only an hour before.

It has a very limited use case, and you can definitely find better value for your money in a program that recovers all types of data, not just media files. Ease of Use: Checking the Stellar Data Recovery site for more information provided me with a set of poorly-written articles that were often out of date. JP also reached out to their support team via phone, email and live chat.

He called two numbers listed on the Stellar Phoenix website. Hilariously enough, it even supports the ancient DOS command line interface, although it also supports the latest versions of Windows.

Disk Warrior Mac only Disk Warrior provides a more comprehensive and user-friendly set of tools for working with damaged drives and deleted files. It has no monitoring system that keeps track of your recently deleted files, which can make recovering even just a few files a lengthy process on large volumes.

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Stellar Photo Recovery is shareware. You can get the key registration code unless you pay about 40$ to buy the software. If those photos or. Stellar Data Recovery software requires registration key/license or activation code to unlock all the premium functionality such as saving.

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