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Please select your product: Share This Gear: This is the effects soundtoys native you’ve have been waiting for. The SoundToys Native Effects audio software plugin bundle gives your mixes that soundtoys native quality, fat analog sound without the fat kick in the wallet.

SoundToys 5 Native Effects Bundle from Soundtoys

soundtoys native

It turns what was previously a collection of powerful individual effects plug-ins into a full blown modular effects system that makes it easy for users to create, audition, save, and recall combinations of Soundtoys effects.

It’s taken a decade of research, modeling and increases in computer power to get to this point, so I’m incredibly happy to bring this to our users. Get a virtual history of echo and delay hardware with EchoBoy and PrimalTap. Transform your vocals with Little AlterBoy. All of these individual elements are proven, powerful tools, trusted by professional mix engineers, musicians and sound designers everywhere.

But combined in the new Soundtoys Effect Rack, they are indeed the ultimate effects collection. This is the effects rack you’ve have been waiting for.

SoundToys Native Effects gives your mixes that pro quality, fat analog sound without the fat kick in the wallet. All designed by effects fanatics with huge stacks of hardware Heh, we said huge hardware and the experience to back it up.

Our engineers changed the world of effects when they designed the classic H studio effects box, and keep pushing to bring you cool freakin’ tools that get you the “sound”. Add some spice and flavor to your mixes now. Warm and Tasty SoundToys is renowned for our analog emulations, our level of quality, and our real love for great effects.

With this bundle, we wanted Native users to be able to mix it up with the big boys. We analyzed all the top studio effects and painstakingly recreated those sounds in our plug-ins so you would have it all at your fingertips without going broke on eBay. And, these are full versions, not stripped down special “Lite” versions. Classic Sound – Modern Mojo Yeah, we got the great classic sound of hardware, but we didn’t stop there.

Besides adding many of the great features from the cool old gear, we’ve stepped it up with some modern enhancements. Create killer rhythmic effects with groove and feel controls to fit your music. These effects are designed to be played. Create, experiment, push the limits.

Warm and Tasty

Soundtoys Native Effects wins “Best Software Plug-in Effects” in the Sound On Sound awards, as voted by their readers. Learn more about the award-winning Soundtoys 5 bundle, which comes with every Soundtoys plug-in, including industry standards like EchoBoy and.

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Buy SoundToys SoundToys Native Effects Plug-In Bundle featuring 8 Effects Plug -Ins, Audio Units RTAS and AudioSuite. Review SoundToys. Those who buy the SoundToys effects invariably love them, but at $ for the native package, it’s not an investment to be undertaken lightly.

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