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If it is functional perfectly, I will not smart music free download to give it the highest rate. Unfortunately, it has some really bad defects which makes I wish it has never been brought to this world. The band director of my child uses this software to automatically grade his students’ performance. The software, no matter on which OS, always have problem syncing the input with its music. As a result, students really have trouble to get perfect score even they play the pieces totally correctly.


smart music free download

If the download doesn’t start automatically, click the start it manually here link. Once the download is complete, open the downloaded file to start the installation. The Windows download file name is SmartMusic.

On your computer open SmartMusic. Click Next. The License Agreement appears. The Select Installation Folder screen appears. Select Everyone to install the classic SmartMusic program icon on every user account, or select Just Me to install it on only your user account, and then click Next. Click Next again to start the installation. Once the installation finishes, click Close. Classic SmartMusic information appears. Review the information, and then click Next. Review the License Agreement, and then click Accept.

If you have settings and data from a previous installation of classic SmartMusic, the Migrate existing SmartMusic settings and data screen appears. Select your migration settings, and then click Next.

Once the migration finishes, click Done. Classic SmartMusic Home appears. Double-click the SmartMusic icon and open the installer. Classic SmartMusic installation information appears.

The directory screen appears. Select the Shared check boxes to install for all Mac users, or, select the Per-user check boxes to install only for your Mac user account and then click Next. If Administrator access is not readily available in your computer or network environment, selecting the Per-user option for the directories will make it easier to install classic SmartMusic updates as they become available.

Enter your Macintosh user account or Administrator password. Classic SmartMusic is installed onto your computer. Once the installation finishes, click Done. Once you’ve installed classic SmartMusic, open classic SmartMusic and log in. The first time that you run classic SmartMusic after installing it, a screen appears asking whether or not you want to submit anonymous usage data to MakeMusic. We use this data to help improve classic SmartMusic; no personally-identifiable information is ever collected.

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SmartMusic is music learning software for educators and students. Make practicing and SmartMusic connects teachers and students free educator trial. Before you can use your subscription to access classic SmartMusic’s repertoire, you need to download and install the classic SmartMusic program onto your.

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Because teachers never have to download a new version, it can be easy to update the content provided in the free version of SmartMusic. The new SmartMusic platform doesn’t have to cost you or your program a thing. Get started today and see how it can make a difference for your students.

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