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Freeware 2. Over 2 million downloads worldwide and counting. Comes with videos, FAQs, screenshots, logo, and box shot. High-performance network landing page ready-to-go. Reimage plus repair other optimization tools, in reimage PC Repair Online you dont get to choose what to analyze.

Remove Reimage Virus. Is it a real threat?

reimage plus repair

DCT may be a small fish in a very big pond but we still receive quite a few partnership and affiliate offers. These offers generally involve some sort of quid pro quo arrangement — requiring DCT to promote or advertise a product for example — so we vet each and every offer thoroughly. DCT is very fussy about any partnerships or affiliates, maybe our standards are overly rigid but we value our reputation highly.

Recently, we received one such offer from the makers of Reimage Repair who, in their email , cited MajorGeeks as one of their existing partners. As usual, I set out to vet the software and was surprised to come across a slew of negative connotations. However, in the case of Reimage, there are multiple negative comments spanning several pages and all reiterating similar complaints regarding adware and scareware-type tactics. Not a good start! Next up I searched for reviews. I came across a number of editorial reviews which, I admit, were in the main quite favorable.

However, favorable editorial reviews are not always trustworthy, are they? So, it was the user comments under the reviews which I was most interested in. Sure enough, more of the same, numerous users reporting similar issues regarding adware and scareware-type tactics. A definite trend was emerging. During the online search I also came across a report on Reimage from ShouldIRemoveIt which includes the following warning: By this stage we had already decided to decline the offer.

Besides, proper testing would have to involve a malfunctioning PC and the high likelihood of me needing to part with some of my hard earned dollars. Reimage and MajorGeeks I was now surprised that, considering its poor history and rep, MajorGeeks would be associated with this type of software and posted my findings in a comment under a Reimage promotional piece on the MajorGeeks site.

There were also comments from another person reiterating similar experiences with the software. To my dismay, mine and all other negative comments were subsequently deleted by MajorGeeks. The deletion of the comments is actually more troublesome to me than promoting the software. However, selectively deleting negative comments, especially factual comments, seems unusually protective and most out of character for MajorGeeks.

However, just the sheer volume alone has to cast some doubts over Reimage Repair. You decide.

Why you need to download Reimage Plus?

How to recover my Windows XP/ 7 /Vista operating System. You need to just have the Reimage Repair License keys in order to activate your Some Bugs Fixes. reimage plus free license key; Rapidly Detects Errors or.

VIDEO: Reimage Plus Repair

I’m often asked the same question by readers: Does Reimage PC Repair work? A: Reimage Repair is a repair utility that can help fix the Windows . One website recommends running Reimage Plus to see if there are any. Reimage Plus (Reimage PC Repair) is a unique online computer repair service that can reinstall Windows by restoring corrupted or missing Windows files.

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