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If the first link does not work, then work the second link: This multi-award-winning video editing suite is geared towards the unique requirements of ambitious and professional users, and offers an unrivaled range of powerful post-production tools. Professional video editing Access detailed editing options, outstanding performance and cinematic effects in top image and sound quality. Video production Choose from a wide magix video deluxe 2017 pro of tools to perfect your footage, such as GPU-optimized video effects, precise measurement instruments and multicam editing.

Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus 2018 can stitch 360 videos in realtime

magix video deluxe 2017 pro

You can also add objects, such as arrows or a cigar. More downloadable effects and objects include a cartooner, a de-interlacer, noise reduction, and a liquid effect. The extra effects aren’t as well integrated into the program as CyberLink PowerDirector ‘s plug-ins. You can easily add plug-in effects with a right click menu option. Chroma-keying is very well implemented in the software. New for the version are three included third-party effects: Cine, which applies Hollywood-style color effects.

They’re cool effects, but the Vasco da Gama is a big download, at over MB. This advanced technique takes some preparation to use in the Magix software, and the capability isn’t straightforward. Audio-based synchronization and an increase in the allowable camera angles to four are highlights of this version.

Performance slowed down during my testing, making angle switching not as precise as I’d like, but at least you can make adjustments after the fact in the new timeline tracks the process creates. Time stretching. Time stretching is really easy in Magix, too, with its Stretching toolbar button, which can fit a clip to another track’s length, either by slowing it or speeding it up.

You can also go to the Speed effect and plug in a value from. Time stretching speeds up the audio without changing its pitch, while the Resampling option lets you turn your subject into one of the Chipmunks. As with that app, you can also simply adjust the size and position of each track for a custom PiP. Two video effect panels deal with color—Color, and Color correction.

The first offers a white-point dropper, a color wheel, and an auto-color button, along with sliders for each of the primary colors and saturation. This lets you easily correct a shot, for example, to remove a greenish cast. The color correction tools let you create a mask by clicking on, say, a sky, and then intensifying the blue of just that area. But you don’t get an equivalent to Premiere Elements’ three-way color correction, which lets you separately adjust color for low-, high-, and mid-tones.

The Shot Match tool lets you do what its name says, taking a source color scheme and applying it to a target frame. In my testing, it did the opposite of that, however, taking the target’s color profile and applying it to the source. No matter which source and target I selected, it always adjusted the colors in one direction.

The third dimension has fallen out of favor lately when it comes to video, but Magix lets you easily import 3D footage and apply 3D titles and effects. You can adjust vertical and horizontal alignment. The program supports anaglyph and interlaced 3D.

Audio Editing Movie Edit Pro can display the waveform for each clip in the timeline, and a full mixer pops up when you click its icon on the top-right corner of the timeline. A full-fledged sound editor, Magix Music Editor, can clean audio and apply noise reduction, equalizing, compression, and stereo FX.

It’s pretty advanced, letting you choose a noise sample, optimize for voice, de-hiss, and remove camera noise. It also lets you convert older media, such as LPs, to digital. A good selection of background music for soundtracks is available on the Audio tab of the source panel. One audio tool lets you add reverb and echo—I got a football game to sound like it was in a swimming hall.

You can also raise or lower pitch, or change the tempo of music. The included synthesizer can add a variety of sounds—flowing water, wind, traffic, crowds, applause—fun stuff. A drum and bass synth turns you into your movie’s DJ. For slideshows, there are dozens of background tracks included.

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Movie Edit Pro Plus – Steam Edition is the perfect video studio. Experience video editing Release Date: Oct 23, Visit the website Buy MAGIX Video deluxe Plus + Music Maker Hip Hop 6. Includes 2 items. MAGIX Video deluxe Steam Edition. And in the description it says Movie Edit Pro. but in the video Ad, it says you get a 30 day trial to Movie Edit Pro.

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Show the world your best gaming experiences. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus Steam Edition offers all the functions and tools you need for your video projects. MAGIX Video deluxe Premium, free and safe download. MAGIX Video deluxe MAGIX Video deluxe Premium makes it easier than ever before to get started with video editing. deluxe Plus. Turn your PC into a professional video studio.

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