Lost my microsoft product key

Simple and intuitive graphic interface. Find product key for Microsoft OfficeXP,, Enable you to retrieve Windows or Office product key from crashed hard disk drive or unbootable computer. Lost my microsoft product key product keys from external or secondary hard disk drive. Recover product keys for software installed on your remote computer.

MS Office 2013 Product Key Got Lost? 3 Ways to Recover

lost my microsoft product key

This will send an password reset email to the secondary email account. The steps below are useful in determining which installations correspond to which product keys if you need to reinstall office on a new PC or after reformatting your PC. Do not click the Install button next to any product without knowing if it is an unused installation.

This can cause activation issues. Find the Office product key associated with your PC First, find the last five digits of the product key associated with your computer. Go to the PC that has Office installed 2. Right click the Windows icon and select Command Prompt. Enter the appropriate command: For 32 bit Windows: The command prompt box will show you the last five digits of the product key associated with the installation on that PC.

Make a note of the PC the Office product is installed on, and five digit number. You will need this for reference. Find the product key associated with activated installations linked to your Microsoft account. Next, you will need to find the product key associated with each product linked to your Microsoft account. You will see the multiple Microsoft products linked to your Microsoft account.

To begin identifying the product key associated with the installation, start with the first product. Under Account Options, choose Install from a disc. Choose the I have a disc option. Click the View your product key button. The product key for the installation is displayed. Make a note of the Office product sequence as they are displayed on the screen, and the product key associated with it. You can now match the five digit number from the command prompt on the PC to the product key on the installation.

Once you determine which installations have been used on which computers, you will know which product to use for installation on the reformatted or new PC. It is helpful to create a list of the Office installations, product keys associated with each, and the PCs on which they are installed. This eliminates confusion in the future when a PC must be replaced or reformatted, and Office needs to be reinstalled on a machine. Applies To: Office

Locate your product key for Windows 10

Hi, I have bought MS Office through a store (not online), I have had now have to re-install MS Office, however I have lost my Product Key and I. Locate your Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office product keys with this The good thing about this system is there’s no product key to lose.

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Instructions on how to find your lost Microsoft Office product key. A product key is required to install Microsoft Office , , , , etc. However, you can recover your product license keys from the If you’ve lost your Microsoft Office or Windows product key, you’ll need to find it.

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