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Grand Theft Auto V (PC) CD key

key gta v pc

I’ve recently gotten back into video games, and it’s incredible how far they’ve come. I’m running it on a home built AMD Kaveri with 8gb memory-both overclocked to the max 4.

I recently installed an R7 2gb video card crossfired with the APU , which nets about 80fps with the settings all at max. The video is amazing, every wave, cloud, fur on animals is just incredible. You can see underwater objects in real detail. My compliments to the artists and engineers Rockstar. I tell you this because many people don’t know how it will run on their computer and I hope this will give them an additional reference. Enough tech, how’s the game??

Great, so far! It took me a couple days to get through the prologue, which unlocks the rest of the game, and many functions. I received my x-box style controller and that helped a lot. HOTAS X Flight stick not a good match I did have to change some settings on the controller page, most important the aiming, There’s a automatic aiming which you’ll want to turn on, otherwise it’s VERY touchy, as steering the vehicles for which I’ve found no way around.

You can use the keyboard, but I found it uncomfortable and hindering, others prefer it, from what I understand. For me, 5 minutes with the controller and I made it well past my previous progress, and had much more fun with it. The visuals are stunning, enough so, I’m constantly amazed.

You’ll replay or run the benchmark footage just to take it all in. Objects blowing in the breeze, cats jumping out as you walk thru an alley, detail you won’t believe.

The play is indeed challenging, and I’m sure I will be a long,long time completing the required course. Beyond that, you can play around forever, and they are constantly adding features, no charge. An online connection is required, as is free membership in “The Rockstar Social Club” which is a Rockstar Games owned website with all things GTA related, a store, forum, place to invite ‘friends’ for group play, tech support and much I haven’t looked into yet.

I purchased the downloadable version, and it worked smoothly with no problems. The download took about 8 hours on a mid-speed broadband system. Remember, it’s a crime story, and is replete with all the culture, rough language and lack of respect for others that comes with it. Take it for what it is, and have fun, I know I will!

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The default control scheme for GTA 5 for PC is: Control Playhead – Mouse wheel; Navigate Timeline – WSAD / Cursor Keys; Pick Up a Clip – L. Download LinkÔ×í GTA 5 Serial Key,CD Key, Activation Code Free Download For PC Xbox Ps3 Ps4 Download.

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