Kaspersky internet security vs total security 2017

Our new product, Kaspersky Total Securityhas just hit the shelves, and our customers have questions: Which is the best option? Which protects better? Which one is better:

Kaspersky Security Software

kaspersky internet security vs total security 2017

You are here: While the first one gives basic functions of an anti-virus protection and other common threats, later two versions are advanced. So, in the end, you can decide the most suitable variant of Kaspersky Protection for your devices. We will discuss the extra features and similar stuff too. Some of the following features are available in Kaspersky Anti-Virus as well. State-of-the-art protection from Kaspersky: You will be able to protect your computer from major threats as well as zero-day malware.

It means complete protection from a lot of worries, like viruses, phishing, spam, adware etc. Kaspersky has one of the award-winning protection algorithms, for that matter. Performance Optimization: When compared to other antiviruses, Kaspersky does not each much of your resources. In fact, you can move on without much memory-related concerns. Simple UI: Throughout the setup and functioning of Kaspersky Internet Security and Total Security, there is the element of simplicity.

All the features are arranged in an easily-accessible and understood manner. One License for All Need: Privacy Protection Features: These are included in both packages, such as online identity protection and anti-ransomware protection. Parental Control: Using the simpler interface of KIS or KTS, you can know and control what your kids are doing in the world of internet.

This can be used during financial transactions. Quite effective they are in the long run. Well, these are the common features you would find in Kaspersky Internet Security and Total Security. They are: Safe Kids is a way of protecting your kids from the evil aspects of digital world. You can use this cool feature in your PCs and Mac devices. It restricts access and optimizes the internet experience to get your kids only the best.

Mobile Passwords is an innovative feature for managing information and storage. If you are using Kaspersky Security products on your Android device, you should be able to use this feature. File Protection feature of Kaspersky Total Security is useful for almost all people. There is quality-level encryption and other features. Now, we will have a look on the pricing tables for both variants. You will be able to use the product in up to 3 devices. In this pack, however, you can protect up to 5 devices.

In the first look, there are no major difference between Internet Security and Total Security variants. Check features comparison. It needs to be noted that there are other sub-features you get in KTS.

These features are truly gold in this evil world of identity theft and other digital frauds. And, yes, we found the Safe Kids feature to be truly useful.

We mean, almost all parents will need their kids to use the best part of web, that too quite securely. So, if you ask us, we would definitely recommend going for Kaspersky Total Security. If not for today, the mentioned features will be useful for you another day. At the least, Password Sync and Automated Backups are good for all.

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Compare the features of Kaspersky Total Security, Kaspersky Anti-Virus , and Kaspersky Internet Security and choose a product that suits your needs . Kaspersky’s Windows antivirus software offers great protection, a moderate system hit and many extra features with the pricier products.

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Kaspersky Internet Security will protect you from malicious activities on Internet such Kaspersky Total Security will provide overall security to your computer su. .. Answered Nov 13, ยท Author has answers and k answer views. Kaspersky is a powerful internet security tool. Read our review to learn about both Kaspersky’s Internet Security and Total Security programs.

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