JetBrains PhpStorm 2018 3 keygen

Themes Themes customization We have exciting news for JetBrains PhpStorm 2018 3 keygen Now you can create your own theme with ease! Learn more. Add more color to your IDE right away by downloading one of the new themes and selecting it as your theme in the Appearance settings! We have a number of new inspections and quick-fixes to help get you started.

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JetBrains PhpStorm 2018 3 keygen

Themes Themes customization We have exciting news for you! Now you can create your own theme with ease! Learn more. Add more color to your IDE right away by downloading one of the new themes and selecting it as your theme in the Appearance settings! We have a number of new inspections and quick-fixes to help get you started. This is all just the tip of the iceberg. It will only highlight a condition in which a nullability violation is detected whereas previously it highlighted the whole ternary expression, even when the nullability was only violated in a single branch.

Thanks to this new feature, highlighting is more precise in switch expressions too. Improved analysis of mathematical operations The data flow analysis can track the result of mathematical operations and uses this information to warn you about conditions that are always true or false.

We have improved the analysis of many math operations including multiplication, remainder, and bitwise operations. It can now automatically infer the purity of constructors from sources. Navigation from Java stack trace to the relevant position within a line When you click on the Java stack trace, the IDE will try to determine the exact location within the row to take the cursor to.

Previously it would only take you to the first column of the corresponding row. Duplicated switch branches detection The IDE can now detect duplicated switch branches and provides a quick-fix to merge such branches. You can even set different values for the test runner and the application runner for the same project.

Now the IDE correctly resolves which task should be executed when a specific test has been run. For choices with multiple options, the IDE provides a list of all the tasks that can be run for this selected test. HotSwap works when build actions are delegated to Gradle or Maven Now, when you are debugging with the build actions delegated to Gradle, the HotSwap is triggered, and building a project reloads classes.

Also, HotSwap works when build actions are delegated to Maven. Maven Maven build output reported to Build tool window For convenience, all the Maven build output will now be shown in the single place — the Build tool window. There is no need to check in the Run or Messages windows anymore. You can also toggle the view and present the build output as a log. Improved Maven Diagrams Maven diagrams have been enhanced and extended with new options. You can also switch the diagram to the Borderless View.

Indication of incoming and outgoing commits There is now the option to see the availability of incoming and outgoing commits for the individual branches in the Branches popup. Deleted shelved files can be restored You can now view all the recently deleted files and restore any useful shelved files.

Mode to view author initials for VCS annotations You can now view the initials of the author instead of their full name in the VCS annotations. Right-click on the annotation tab and select View Names Initials from the context menu. Ability to switch sides of compared files in the diff viewer You can now swap sides in the diff viewer when you open it with Compare two files, Compare with clipboard, or Blank Diff.

To toggle which file is shown on the right and which on the left, simply select Swap Sides. Swap Sides is also available for comparing directories. Preview the difference by char unit Now you can view the difference by char unit and not only by word unit, as it was before in the diff viewer. Could be pretty useful if your source code has any lines of characters from different alphabets, for example, Japanese.

This new action is available from the main menu Run. Decompile to Java Now, even if the Scala. Error highlighting improvements In this release, we have significantly improved the error highlighting in the number of areas including: Partial unification and type variable unification in general.

Constructor highlighting, calls to private constructors. Better-monadic-for compiler plugin: Groovy Support for Java-style Lambda syntax of Groovy 3. The IDE provides editing support for it including code completion, highlighting, and type inference.

The Groovy intentions and inspections will also work properly inside the lambda body. Formatting is also available for Java-style lambdas and you can debug Java-style lambdas too. New intention for converting SAM as lambda to an anonymous object If you need to convert a construct using lambdas with SAM to an anonymous object, use this handy new intention action. To use this quick-fix, press Alt-Enter on the name of the function and select Convert to async function. Also, it allows you to filter out any type of log messages.

Docker Ability to debug inside Docker container Now you can attach the debugger to a Java application running inside a Docker container. The IDE now allows debugging inside containers that are built from a Dockerfile or created using Docker compose docker-compose.

Currently, this is only possible from local files. Please note that you need to install the Go template plugin to enable this support for Helm resource template files.

Support for Java-style Lambda syntax of Groovy 3. Spring Cloud Stream Spring Cloud Stream editing support IntelliJ IDEA now provides rich editing support for Spring Cloud Stream projects such as syntax highlighting, inspections, quick-fixes, and code completion including binder name completion for values and references in the application.

Navigation between bound Producers and Consumers You can now navigate between the bound consuming and producing message handlers using the gutter icon. Bear in mind that Consumers and Producers should be bound in the application.

Code completion and the Rename refactorings now also work for these included and replaced fragments. Greenplum — an analytics database based on PostgreSQL. Vertica — column-oriented storage designed to handle large volumes of data. Apache Hive — a data warehouse built on top of Apache Hadoop for providing data query and analysis. Also, you can set a timeout after which the IDE will auto-disconnect, or set up a time interval to run a query every N seconds to keep the connection alive.

Learn more Read the legal notice here Please note that Java 12 is not released yet. You must accept the terms of the legal notice of the beta Java specification to enable support for Java The implementation of an early-draft specification developed under the Java Community Process JCP is made available for testing and evaluation purposes only and is not compatible with any specification of the JCP.

Detecting more duplicates IntelliJ IDEA can now quickly spot duplicates even in more complicated cases, such as if the variable names are different. The IDE will display duplicates in the diff viewer, so you can compare them side by side to one another. A quick-fix to remove the redundant sorted call is provided as well.

The IDE provides a quick-fix to remove such redundant conditions. When a suppressed inspection no longer addresses any warnings in the associated method body, class, or statement, the IDE will not only give you a warning, but it will also provide a quick-fix to remove such unnecessary annotations and comments. Simply add an indent starting from the second line of your multiline TODO comment, and the IDE will differentiate it from an ordinary comment.

Simply create a scope and add to it any files that must not be formatted! New indentation status bar IntelliJ IDEA displays the size of the indent in the current file in a new indentation status bar.

You now have a choice of actions that control the current indentation in the status bar popup. You can also use the new indentation status bar popup to easily navigate to the EditorConfig file being used.

Use the diff to preview the changes, or create a local branch from a Pull Request via the context menu then merge it as a regular branch. This could be especially useful if the file was later deleted, as it is no easy task to find out about such occurrences. Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate to the child or parent commit.

Ignore whitespaces Now the IDE can ignore whitespace changes while merging. In the Merge Revisions for dialog, there is a new Ignore drop-down menu with options to hide or trim whitespace changes on merge.

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