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There are many factors that contribute to Internet speed, including location, service provider and more. While you may not be able to control these factors, you are not completely helpless. Read our guide to find out how you can potentially improve your Internet speed with little to no cost. Internet booster torrent Is Bandwidth?

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David Hayward March 12, 2: Broken internet? Just go outside, read a book. Slow internet? Sit in front of your computer in an increasing rage as pages load, element by element. How fast is my internet connection? Speeding up your internet connection is chiefly a question of experimenting and working out where the bottlenecks lie. First, run the Speedtest.

Make a note of the results. Next, plug a laptop straight into your router with an Ethernet cable — or just stand a metre away from it, if you only have wireless devices — and run the test again to create a best-case speed. If the next-to-the-router speed is much quicker than that in other parts of your home, your network needs some troubleshooting. If not, the fault lies somewhere between you and your internet service provider ISP. We all know that the stated speed on your broadband package is a theoretical maximum, and that most of us would be lucky to get anywhere near the claimed speeds.

The best way to determine whether your internet connection is performing as it should is to check out overall connections in your area. Sites such as Broadband Speed Checker will let you test your connection speed, and also show you the results of those around you. Sometimes, it may be necessary to change your connection type entirely to achieve decent internet speeds. This is well worth paying the extra fiver a month. Check your uploads Most home internet connections are asymmetric: If your upload speed is saturated, web browsing can slow to a crawl, since the requests from your computer for each element of a page to load become stuck in the upload queue.

The main applications that can hammer your upload are torrent programs and file backup and synchronisation software. The best way to deal with this is to set upload caps within the individual applications. Check your upload speed with speedtest. There are many different Wi-Fi scanning applications out there. These applications scan the Wi-Fi spectrum around you and display information about the networks they find, such as signal strength and wireless channel more on channels below.

Use one of the programs to check the signal strength of your wireless connection. For various confusing scientific reasons this is expressed as a negative decibel-milliwatts figure, or dBm. The maximum achievable Wi-Fi strength is dBm, while dBm is still an excellent signal. The PC being used to write this guide is connected with a dBm strength, and has no problem with streaming 4K video.

Now you have some more specific information about your wireless signal strength, you can see if any changes you make lead to improvements. First, try something as simple as adjusting the antennas on your router. Just experiment with different configurations and check the signal strength after each change.

We found that adjusting our antennas bumped up the signal from dBm to dBm; the difference between a ropey signal and a strong one. You can also try repositioning your router.

But even something as simple as moving the router from the floor to a stool can make a difference. We saw a huge signal jump by moving out the router from behind the TV to sit on top of a speaker next to it.

This can cause interference and slow down your network. As well as being far more congested anything from cordless phones to baby monitors to microwaves produce 2. The 2. If you want the best chance of avoiding interference from your neighbours and their network, you need to set your router to one of these three channels. But how to tell which channel is best?

Time to reach for your Wi-Fi scanning program again. Most such applications have a graph function that plots wireless channels on the X axis and signal strength on the Y. This lets you see easily if your network is clashing with any others, and if it is, how strong the interfering signal is. The stronger the signal, the more it may affect your network speed. See whether channels 1, 6 or 11 have the least — or weakest — interference, and set your router accordingly using the wireless settings in its web interface.

When it comes to 5GHz networks, interference is less of an issue. It should be relatively simple to find a channel free of interference with your Wi-Fi scanner.

However, some high-performance routers combine 5GHz channels to get more throughput. Modern routers also use fancy techniques such as beamforming to focus the Wi-Fi signal and make interference less of an issue. In short, if you have a 2. If you have a modern 5GHz router, especially one that supports the AC standard, most of the time you can just set it to Auto and not worry about it.

If this is the case, you could upgrade your router. However, you could also consider using wireless extenders, powerline adapters or the latest mesh wireless networking technology. Has that fixed your internet woes? Got any other good suggestions? Let us know on Twitter TrustedReviews.

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