Hip hop brass kontakt

Covers all instrument categories that are popular in todays Hip-Hop and Trap p. From amazing saxophones,brass,strings to. Hip Hop Brass XL. Hip-Hop Brass XL. VIP Virtual Instrument.

Studiolinked VST Hip Hop Brass Kontakt library review

hip hop brass kontakt

No products in the cart. Cart Reviews Review: They make really fine instruments! One night downloading them was enough in my case. The user interface is pretty classy: Not every single knob has a function in every single articulation, so, for example, in Staccatissimo, just the expression and speed knob will light up, all of the rest, will still be there, but in a darker grey, with no position indicators.

Ensemble The ensemble consists of patches for Horns sections, with 2, 6 or 12 pieces, a 3 piece Trombone section, and Trumpet sections of 2 or 4 pieces. As you would expect, there are multiple articulations for each patch. Hughe and easy way to save memory. Also, each articulation slot has its own volume control, so maybe you want quieter staccato parts, which is as easy as grabbing a volume fader. Speaking of articulation, there are some basic ones that apply to all ensembles patches: Legato, Sustain, Staccato, Marcato, Soaring, and muted articulations, but also, there are specific articulations for each patch, like Fanfare shorts for trombones and trumpets.

On the control side of things, as you would expect, the dynamic knob is mapped by default to the Mod wheel CC 1 , and the expression is by default CC Speed, on the other hand, is mapped to CC The close and Decca mics are by default panned to the position of the ensemble in the orchestra. Finally, the wide mics, are more like room mics, with lots of space and a bit darker tone. I mean, you can definitely tell that just by hitting a single note in any patch!

Solo The collection of Solo instruments is absolutely great! So, the Solo instruments, work in the exact same way as the Ensemble. All the same controls, the same 10 slots for loading articulations, etc, etc. Of course, every instrument has its own set of articulations, some quite unique like the double and triple tongue which sound absolutely fantastic. Again, the Solo instruments sound incredibly well recorded and the by-default-mixed microphone position, most of the times will work just fine without the need of adding any artificial reverb.

The room mics, bring a lot of ambiance in a very natural way. Fx But, speaking of effects, I should mention that the convolution reverbs sound great, especially for church ambiances and you can go to the effects page and find it all the way down for further tweaking and control.

The transform effect unit is a very cool way to create weird effects based on modulation. Conclusions This is a world-class orchestral library and it truly sounds that way! Also, the amount and quality of the articulations makes it a very versatile tool, and you are not gonna need a slave PC just to run this library from. Anyway, this sounds great, and by that I mean world-class. So, if you work in composing for movies, tv, theatre plays or anything that will need great orchestral brass instruments and ensembles, well, my friend: These libraries will only work with Kontakt 5.

More Details: He also runs piggysounds.


I finally felt it was time to showcase some of what they are doing over there. The company is Studiolinked VST and the product is Hip Hop Brass. Merry Christmas to everyone on the gearslutz forum. We are proud to announce this new product ‘Hip-Hop Brass’ to all the Hip-Hop music.

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Where can I find instruments/soundfonts/kontakt librarys which contain some good patches for these typicall Hip Hop Brasses and Horns. This Kontakt Library features an amazing Brass Instrument sound and great detail The Brass Samples included are perfect for epic Trap, Hip Hop and Dirty .

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