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Original Photo: In order to prolong her life, she has been undergoing high dose radiation therapy, which is taking a terrible toll on her body. She barely has the energy to get out of bed, partly because when she is in bed she cannot sleep, something that is critical for people who are that ill. Yes, she was, but the melatonin 1 wasn’t working very well. When I suggested Ambien she told me that her doctor offered it, but she declined because it was too dangerous because of all the sleepwalking it causes, and also the possibility of addiction 2.

The fears were based, perhaps entirely, on sensationalist press coverage 3. They are not. The study was conducted by Sanofi, the makers of the drug. Here are the highlights: A total of nine patients 0. In other studies: Complex sleep-related behaviors CSBs 4 were studied in patients previously diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and similar disorders.

In a post-marketing study of 96 patients, there was only one reported case of sleepwalking 5. That’s about it. The rest of the Ambien sleepwalking papers I came across were case studies of one or two people.

These may be interesting but tell us nothing about how often it occurs. And they are safer, but, like every other drug, they are imperfect. But these imperfections have been greatly amplified by the press, which has resulted in incorrect information being spread around.

My friend needed sleep, yet was too scared to take something that would work and this was causing her health to worsen. Just another example of how inaccurate sensationalized news coverage will beat sound science in the ratings game 6. It seems to work for some people, but, even though it is being used as a drug, it is not approved as a sleep aid or for anything else. It is sold in pills that contain between 1 and 10 mg of melatonin. What’s the right dose?

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