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Brief Introduction About Gilisoft File Lock Pro


Editor’s Rating Reviewed on September 22, An easy-to-use free video player that will play all your music and video files. Just what you’re looking for in a media player.

Media players have become consistently more confusing in trying to be everything for everybody. A nice, simple application that just plays all media file formats is like an oasis in the desert. Free Video Player is quick to download, quick to set up and a joy to run. However, Android and iOS versions are in the works so you will soon be able to use the same player on all your devices.

Watch for Mobile Free Video Player for playing media files anytime, anywhere. But get a head start now and start using the PC version. Convenience Lightweight, accessible software with built-in support for all the popular media file formats, the Free Video Player is customizable and has every feature you’re likely to need.

Your download is free, the interface is uncomplicated and straightforward, and you can receive updates automatically. No third party software to download – any media file will open with just one click. Just download, install and run. Using the Free Video Player Upon opening, the easy-to-use, highly functional utility invites you to add your files and create your playlists.

You can play all popular video formats by default, and begin building your video and music libraries immediately. All the required controls Open; Play; Pause; etc. No bells and whistles that you’re never going to use. Instead, just everything you need. Audio Player Audio formats, including MP3, MP2, and MID, were integrated into the player due to the many requests from users – great way to get an indication of the popularity of your product!

This is a utility that will encrypt any media file or multiple media files to prevent unauthorized use. Summary Free Video Player is the ideal application for anyone looking for a media player that has all the benefits of fast setup, an intuitive interface, and support for more media formats than the average user will ever play.

Since it also supports the proprietary GEM format, the option to use it in combination with Free Video Encryptor is also handy for anybody wanting to limit usage of personal files. Play your music files while you work. Check out your family videos. Go full screen and have a movie night. Free Video Player is uncomplicated and truly flexible. Software Product Description Free, fast, easy to use media player.

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Gilisoft Video Editor – All-in-one video editing software that you need. Free download encryption software, video/audio editing software, dvd ripper, .

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Encryption Tools. File Lock Pro. Hide File Folder & Drive Deny Reading File. Gilisoft File Lock Pro Lock folders on internal hard drive, flash drive, external.

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