Funny names for your wifi

In this imaginative world, there are some funny names for your wifi people who have incredible ideas to make their Wi-Fi network names witty and much funny. Everyone wish to have an internet connection which is quite faster. Moreover, if the internet connection is available at free of expense, it would be really awesome. With the advent of Wi-Fi, connecting to the network or the web has become so simple and comfortable. But, all you need to do is only search funny names for your wifi an available Wi-Fi name which is much nearer to your location.

20 funny WiFi names

funny names for your wifi

We have a collection of funny WiFi names for you. You can use them to scare your neighbors or make them smile. The hilarious WiFi names will definitely make you to stand out from the rest. How will you change your WiFi name? Keep scrolling! We will also share with you simple steps to change your WiFi name. Her is a list of 20 funny WiFi names that you can use at the office and at home: Funny Wi-Fi names in the office 1.

This makes the funny WiFi name appropriate in offices or public places. You do not even need to put password because most will avoid connecting to it. Loading Loading is a very funny name that will definitely get one mixed up for a while before realizing that they are already connected.

We can read your emails Do you need funny appropriate WiFi names that will get one smiling and scared at the same time?

Even if there is basically nothing confidential in the email, no one would want their privacy invaded. Most of all it would be a mock because a user will definitely try to connect to the network.

Only one in a million chances that actually works! Most people will avoid it. I mean, nobody wants to die! The few that will get the prank will smile and enjoy the free WiFi. Prohibited area This is one of the clever WiFi names for the office or public places. People tend to walk away from the area instead of enjoying the WiFi.

Honestly, creativity is boundless! This WiFi is for zombies Are there zombies in this area? You will scare most people around your place. Some may even think that they might turn to zombies if they get connected to your network. Thanks to fictional movies, the unreal becomes real in our minds!

Lost connection If you want to mix up people around your office area, then use this funny WiFi name. Some will even realize that they are already connected after some WhatsApp messages or emails pop in. Slow WiFi We are a fast generation. Everything we do requires speed. So is our internet connectivity. Who then would be interested if they already have a heads-up that the connection is slow?

One of the clever WiFi names is this one. Funny home WiFi names 1. Your neighbor will definitely smile after seeing such a funny LAN network name. Its like asking them how they are fairing. Heart softening WiFi name until you try to key in the password! Maybe it is your response, you never know till you try it! Will u marry me? Would you love to propose to your girlfriend who happens to be your neighbor? Might you be crushing hard for that lady who lives next door? Do you just like pranking neighbors?

Best WiFi name to use! Your creativity will be the talk of the street. The password might be a yes and his first name. Mind blower, right! Fascinating name to use as your own WiFi. Sausages are delicious! Take care not to send the wrong message out there though using this hilarious WiFi name. Many might misinterpret you, or they may like you. Funny memes about girls 4. Your music sucks! If one of your neighbors plays loud boring music, you can use your LAN network to communicate to him or her that their choice of music sucks.

Some will ignore it, but at least you made them aware. The good bit is that nobody will know whom the LAN network belongs to. Please get your own WiFi We all at times fancy free stuff. I would definitely connect to any free WiFi in my proximity.

Until I come across this name! It is a creative way to notify the neighborhood of your presence and a funny way to connect. Wi believe you and me can fi What a hilarious Wi-Fi name? In fact, it is among the top funny Wi-Fi names that will make you to stand out from your neighbors. I can see you showering! Do you need very funny names to call WiFi? Well, consider this name. It will leave your neighbors always looking behind their backs. Great name to keep them on their toes. If you find it, you will definitely smile.

Text me for password Great name for getting a call from a neighbor. They will have to talk to you first to get your number or scout around to get it. What a hustle! A hilarious WiFi name to keep them off your WiFi. Get off my lawn Funny name, especially considering the person lives at the 4th floor of an apartment. You have no lawn! Great name to keep your neighbor smiling and makes them want to ask you why you chose the name in the first place.

Could be you are ambitious. Who knows? Mommy uses this WiFi Great and hilarious way to keep your friends alert. I should probably go incognito! I know there are a couple that made you laugh your pants off just at the thought of the names. Let’s change the network name then, shall we? Visit your web browser. You must know the network’s SSID. In address bar, key in home or Click on wireless.

Delete the current network name and replace it with the funny one that you picked in our collection. You can also add a little creativity to create a hilarious and a unique name for your network as well.

Click save. We hope this article with funny WiFi names was helpful to you. Now that you can also change the password on your own, you can communicate to your neighbors using hilarious WiFi names from today and keep them smiling.

Funny Wifi Names for Your Network SSID

Tired of the boring name assigned to your Wi-Fi network? Global Defense Network; I’m cheating on my WiFi; Help, I’m Trapped in a Router!. A Song Of Ice And Firewall. Luke, I Am Your Wifi. Girls Gone Wireless. Hilary Clinternet. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-LAN. Don’t You Wish.

VIDEO: Funny Names For Your Wifi

If you found the perfect name for your router thanks to is the ultimate list of best cool WiFi names on the web. A good Wi-Fi router name makes it easy to find your own network, but a great Wi- Fi network and usually has a designated name like xfinitywifi or Verizon Wi-Fi.

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