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The Download Now link will download a small installer file to your desktop. Remain online and double-click the installer to proceed with the actual download. Editors’ Review by Download. This is a beautiful and capable piece filmora video editor software. Pros Effects, transitions, PIP:

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filmora video editor

There are many great video editing applications on the market, but few of them offer the combination of simplicity and power that Wondershare Filmora offers. In late , this video editing software is re-branded as Filmora9. Here you can combine different video clips and add various effects simply by dragging and dropping.

Each element on the timeline can be moved freely, and you can simply change the duration of any clip by resizing it. The left pane works as a library and you can use it to easily add clips or effects. You can organize your clips into folders, and thanks to the built-in search, you should be able to find any clip in a matter of moments. Filmora9 comes with a wide array of effects, and you can always download more from the Effects Store.

Video editing and timeline In order to start video editing, first you need to import videos from your PC. You can edit with proxy video files in Filmora9 and then export with the full-sized resolution. You can set Filmora9 to record an entire screen, a specific window or a segment of your screen. As for video editing, you can easily cut, split or crop your audio and video clips right from the timeline.

If needed, you can adjust the zoom level or change the speed of your clips or set them to play in reverse. You can also adjust the color of your clips, and choose one of many available presets. If you want, you can fine-tune each color setting individually in order to achieve unique results. As for available color settings, you can change temperature, tint, exposure, brightness, contrast, vibrance, saturation, highlights, shadows and various other color settings. You can also choose between several blending modes and change the opacity of the videos in order to achieve some impressive results.

Another feature that you might find useful is Lens Correction, and this feature will help you optimize videos recorded by GoPro or similar headsets. The application also allows you to add shadows to your clips, and you can easily change their distance, blur, opacity or color. Lastly, you can add various motion effects to your clips in order to make some impressive transitions.

If you want, you can also add various markers to your timeline in order to focus on specific areas. Audio editing Just like with video clips, you can add music and audio clips to your creations. Filmora9 comes with 50 different audio clips in the Audio Library, but you can add your own clips from your PC or you can download more from the Effects Store. As for audio editing, you can easily adjust the volume from the timeline, and add fade in and fade out effects.

If needed, you can also change the speed and duration of your audio clips in order to combine them with the video. Effects, elements, and transitions In order to create some impressive creations, Filmora9 comes with a wide arrange of effects that you can add. The application allows you to add text to your videos, so you can easily create openers, credits or subtitles. There are over text effects available, but more are available for download from the Effects Store.

Of course, you can create your unique styles by changing the font, color, and text opacity. You can also blur your text, add a border or shadow to it. If you want to create some unique effects, you can add shapes or even images from your PC and combine them with text. To top it off, the text supports various animations, and you can set the duration for each animation.

To combine two or more clips, Filmora9 has about different transitions, and you can adjust the duration of any transition right from the timeline. There are also various filters and overlays available, and each of these filters can be fine-tuned in order to achieve the desired results. Of course, you can always download more transitions and effects from the Effects Store.

The application also has about available animated graphics elements that you can add to your videos. Each output format can be customized and you can adjust settings such as encoder, resolution, frame rate, sample rate, and bit rate.

Another great feature is the ability to upload your videos directly to YouTube or Vimeo right from Filmora9. All that you have to do is to sign in with your YouTube or Vimeo account, enter the required information such as title, description, tags, etc.

After doing that, you just have to click the Export button and your video will be uploaded directly to the selected service. If you want, you can also burn your video directly to a DVD right from Filmora9. Conclusion Filmora9 offers a simple user interface that should allow even the most basic users to create impressive videos. However, due to the extensive customization options, this tool will be perfect for advanced users as well.


Wondershare Filmora is a simple video editor that empowers your stories, donwload the latest version 9 to transform precious moments into stunning videos for. Download one of the best video editors on your PC and Mac. Here is the main features that a good video editor should have.

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Filmora is an all-in-one video editor with powerful functionality and a fully stacked feature set. It makes professional video editing easy with an intuitive interface. Welcome to the official Filmora Video Editor YouTube channel, your source for video editing tips, camera tricks, filmmaking techniques, Filmora editing tutor.

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