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The actual contents and opinions are the sole views of the author, who maintains editorial independence, even when a post is sponsored. For more details, please read our disclaimer. There is nothing worse than buying an expensive DVD or Blu-ray disc of your favourite movie or TV show, only to damage it down dvdfab merge line. One of the best practices you can dvdfab merge is to create backups of physical disc that you own — and enjoy viewing dvdfab merge digital copies while keeping the originals safe.

How can I merge two DVDs into one mkv file?

dvdfab merge

Work with it, you can convert various videos despite the quantity and different formats into one single video to any one of the mainstream video formats or outputting to various devices including smart phones, tablets, game consoles, TV Boxes, etc. No matter how you customize the output video, it will always be of stunning video quality. Now, let’s cut to the chase and follow the guide on how to merge video files into one with DVDFab Video Converter step by step.

Step 1: Step 2: Check the video titles on to navigate to the Merge operation window Seconds later, all the sources will be loaded in followed by listing on the operation interface.

Usually, all the titles you added in will be selected by default. And if you just need part of them, check what you need on. By selecting more than one tile, the Merge option beside the Edit tab becomes enabled. Click it to enter into the Merge window. By clicking the OK button, you have made a video contains the tiles you need with the order you set. The rest is just the same as the normal video conversion. You can set the preset for the output video by clicking the profile switcher located in the left panel to enter into DVDFab’s profile library.

Here, rich profiles are presented in front of you. Also, you can convert the to-be-merged video to any one of H. Apart from the Format part, you can convert the video to devices like smart phones, tablets, TV Boxes, game consoles, etc. Whatever you need, you can find in DVDFab’s rich profile library. Step 3: Customize the to-be-merged video to fit for you need As a powerful and versatile video converter software , DVDFab Video Converter also gives you the power to customize your to-be-merged video like making settings for the resolution, frame rate, sample rate, bit rate, etc.

If you choose to convert it to 3D format, you can select the 3D format among Split screen, two separate films and Anaglyph 3D. The output video is fully in your control.

If you just select one of the to-be-merged titles, you shall notice that, anything you set for it in the advanced settings part will be produced in the rest of other titles. For specific output effect, you can also trim, crop the to-be-merged video with the Edit feature. And you can also add a watermark including text watermark and image watermark, or external subtitles in the output video. All of them come with customize settings. Also, anything you set for one title will be produced in the rest of other titles as one integrated video effect.

Step 4: Begin the video merging All things get ready. Now, you just need to make a click to trigger the Start button at the bottom right corner of the interface, the video merging will be running immediately and finished in several minutes. The final processing time will vary and totally depends on your PC hardware performance and the source size.

Now, you can have a view of the output video after finishing the video merging process. Have a nice time!

How to Merge Several Blu-ray Movies into One AVI Blu-ray Video?

Merge is one of DVD Copy’s 6 copy modes and is very useful for flexible copy and backup. One can use this mode to merge several titles from different DVD sources into one disc or one folder or an ISO image file. Read on for a detailed tutorial about how to merge DVDs. For any reasons to combine MP4 files or merge two or more MP4 files into one file, please have a look at this article. Here are detailed guides for you to.

VIDEO: Dvdfab Merge

I am running DVDfab and when I insert a dvd and use the ripper (for one Icannot find AVI to convert to) it breaks the dvd into 5 titles. Besides merging DVDs, DVDFab is an ideal software that is able to do almost all things that are related to Bluray and DVD ripping, copying.

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