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You can update your forum member profile or simply be specific about what version and edition of Dragon you are using. Unlike most applications, Dragon pretty much doesn’t care about what you use for a serial number to install, as long as you get the 1st 8 dragon naturally speaking serial correct. According to your profile, you live in the US but we don’t believe your serial number was issued to North America. Your serial number looks like a UK serial number which Nuance may find suspect because they don’t support piracy or gray marketing unless you were living overseas. Note that we removed your last 10 digits because you should NEVER make any serial number publicly available where it might be stolen by someone who is a dragon naturally speaking serial unethical.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Home Edition (Windows)

dragon naturally speaking serial

Menu Activate and Register If you completed your initial installation without activating the product, you will need to enter a valid serial number or subscription before your trial period is over to continue using Dragon. Dragon opens the Activation window. If you have not purchased a license or subscription, click the Learn More link, or click here to purchase a license from the Nuance website. If you have already purchased a license or subscription, proceed to the next step.

Click the appropriate button: The Serial Number screen appears. The Nuance Account screen appears. Enter the required information. Enter your email address, a password, and your first and last name. Your password can be up to 12 characters, and should not contain punctuation or symbols.

Click Continue to move to the next screen. Enter your company name, street address, city, state, postal or Zip code, country and phone number. You must select a country from the dropdown list: Click Continue. Select Yes to allow Dragon to collect this information for technical support purposes, or No to prevent it. Then click Continue. Complete the survey optional , and check which products you want to receive news and offers about. Then click Complete Registration. A confirmation dialog appears.

Click OK to confirm deactivation. Your license number or login information are removed, and Dragon quits. Related topics:

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Information: For lost or missing serial numbers, please contact Customer Problem: After installing Dragon NaturallySpeaking on the system, errors may start. Learn how to decode your Dragon Naturally Speaking serial number, for Windows or Mac OS X, and find out which version and edition of the.

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Posted in Dragon Naturally Speaking by Carl Norton and Russell Gulvin This method is used to recover a serial number after the program. How to activate or deactivate your Dragon serial number and register for support.

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