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Furthermore, the cFos Speed program offers the capability to control the bond time and how big is the possible transfer for use. Furthermore, cFosSpeed has an integral firewall, which displays download cfosspeed time spent filtering a packet and budgets online, a setup screen which allows you to choose other features for several special purposes. It a good tool for managing all type of web connection and easily solve any problem. The tool allows the prioritization of download cfosspeed, so the data packages of an example online flash games are preferred rather than slowed up by other processes. The real-time download cfosspeed displays the existing status of the info connections in download cfosspeed window in the low right corner of the screen.

Download cFosSpeed

download cfosspeed

Review by Frederick Barton on 14 Sep, Certain web applications may use all your bandwidth and you will not be able to do anything else, like watching an online video. This is why it is a good idea to prioritize your traffic if the connection is too slow. It offers various information about your traffic, network adapters and a good number of features for increasing your connection’s performance. The setup kit can be downloaded fast, due to its small size. During the installation process, a window might pop up, with a message telling that Windows can not verify the software’s publisher.

You just have to click the “install anyway” option. The software is completely safe and there is no reason to panic if this message pops up.

When running the program, you will be able to see what data streams you are transferring, as well as their speeds. This information is illustrated as colored graphs which are constantly updated, on a small, transparent window. It can be extended by clicking a button on its left edge.

This will reveal a series of buttons which you can use to filter the information. In this way, you can enable or disable graphs for web applications, uploads or downloads, mail, streaming and more. The software’s core settings can be found on its Preferences window. You can bring it up by clicking a button, on the upper right corner of the transparent status window.

Some of the options require more than basic knowledge, but others are easier to use. They are organized in different sub-categories and you can access them by clicking the hyperlinks on the left side of the window. You will find different lists of protocols and programs and you can set a higher or lower priority for an item with the aid of sliders. A Traffic Shaping feature is also available on the Preferences window. It lets you make a series of settings to individual network components, like accommodating to ping jitter.

The options may confuse novice users at first, but they are well explained and the feature can be set to automatic. If you enable it, the software will reduce any delays during transfers, allowing you to surf the Internet faster.

A list of connections can be brought up by clicking another button, in the upper right corner of the status window. The connections, displayed in the list, can be prioritized. Clicking one of them will open a new window where you can set a different priority temporarily or permanently. Other features can be found in a context menu, after right clicking the program’s system tray icon. You can access graphs, illustrating the overall traffic for programs, protocols and others, perform an online speed test for your connection and more.

It offers a wide range of information and very flexible features. Some features may intimidate beginners. With its various and flexible tools, cFosSpeed will help you give your Internet connection that extra boost it needs. You can download cFosSpeed free here.

About the author: From gadgets to software. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated cFosSpeed 5 out of 5 stars, naming it Essential Sponsored Links.

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cFosSpeed is a shareware internet tool for Windows-based PC that optimizes bandwidth and reduces ping to speed up the internet connection. It optimizes effective network traffics, but also increases throughput and maintains a high connection even during phases of intensive. Download cFosSpeed. Internet-Accelerator + Traffic Shaping + ping optimizer + packet prioritization.

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cFosSpeed – Internet Acceleration with Traffic Shaping and bandwidth management, ping optimizer + packet prioritization. Maximum Download. cFosSpeed – Internet Acceleration with Traffic Shaping and bandwidth management. Ping optimizer + packet prioritization. Maximum Download & Minimum Ping.

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