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Rotating machinery, such as steam turbo, compressor, and aeroengine etc. Among the important rotor faults, the fatigue crack fault, which can lead to catastrophic failure and cause injuries and severe damage to machinery if undetected in its early stages, is most difficult to detect efficiently with traditional methods. In the paper, based on the truth of the change of the mode shapes of the cracked structure, a new method by combining accurate finite element model of rotor with multi-crack in shaft and artificial neural network ANN is proposed to identify the location and depth of cracks in rotating machinery.

First, based on fracture mechanics and the energy principle of Paris, the accurate FE model of the rotor system considering several localized on-edge non-propagating open cracks with different depth, is built to produce the specific mode shapes. Then a set of different mode shapes of a rotor system with localized cracks in several different positions and depths, which will be treated as the input of the designed ANN model, can be obtained by repeating the above step. At last, with several selected crack cases, the errors between the results obtained by using the trained ANN model and FEM ones are compared and illustrated.

Meanwhile, the influences of crack in the different position on the identification success are analyzed. The method is validated on the test-rig and proved to have good effectiveness in identification process. In mechanical engineering, circular hole is used widely in structure design. When the structure is overloaded or the load is changed regularly, cracks emerge and spread. The train of thought for this problem is that: Then, by using the expressions, an example was provided to show the effect of circular hole and cracks on the dynamic stress intensity factor of the cracks.

Excessive deflection and its long-term sustainable development has become a common disease of large span pre-stressed concrete continuous box girder bridge, but the causes of it is difficult to reach consensus. A three-spans continuous pre-stressed concrete box girder bridge is studied in this paper.

The results show that when the web inclined cracks reach a certain level, it will cause a long-term sustainable development of the deflection of the bridge. Therefore, web inclined crack is the main factor that causes the sustainable development of long-term deflection of large span pre-stressed concrete continuous box girder bridges.

In this paper secondary lining of an underwater tunnel which had appeared I-longitudinal crack was taken as study object according to theory of fracture mechanics. Finite Element analysis was carried out to calculate the stress intensity factor at the tip of I-longitudinal crack which located in vault, then to analyze the extended state of crack based on double-K fracture criteria.

The computation results indicate that the stress intensity factor at the tip of I-longitudinal cracks which appear within 20 degrees of the vault do not exceed unstable fracture toughness, lining is in stable growth stage and do not occur instable failure. The stress intensity factor at the tip of I-longitudinal cracks appeared in vault is maximum and appeared in both side of vault is minor, the further away from vault the less of stress intensity factor.

When water level below the top of tunnel, with the rise of water level the stress intensity factor at the tip of I-longitudinal decrease and the external water pressure has restrain effect to the crack extension. When water level exceed the top of tunnel, with the rise of water level the stress intensity factor at the tip of large depth of crack decrease rapidly until arrive negative value, then increase backward until greater than unstable fracture toughness and cause lining structural local instable failure.

The Discrete Element Method DEM was used to simulate cracks propagate in rocks subjected to uniaxial compressive stress. A DEM code was developed, and used to simulate the response of the continuum materials to loading.

Rock samples with two initial cracks inclined at varying angles were simulated with the DEM code. The results were compared with those obtained from laboratory samples, and it was observed that the two results were consistent.

This suggests that the DEM is a robust technique for the visualization of secondary cracks formations and propagations in rocks.

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