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Final Thoughts Bullguard antivirus free download BullGuard? The company was established in by Danish entrepreneurs. For over 15 years of its existence, it has turned into a recognizable brand. As of today, BullGuard provides full-featured cross-platform anti-malware products, as well as mobile security software and IOT Internet of Things solutions.

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bullguard antivirus free download

The difference between Internet Security and Premium is limited to adding home network scanning and identity protection. Identity protection safeguards your personal information by scanning the internet for your usernames, email, phone numbers, credit card numbers, passwords and any other information you provide it.

When it detects that any of that information is posted online, it alerts then offers advice on a course of action. The home network scanner accesses your entire network, including smart thermostats, baby monitors and all connected devices.

When a new device is added to the network, it automatically detects and scans it for safety issues. That gives you added protection for an additional five devices. Small tweaks can add a lot of responsiveness to your system and might be worth it in the long run. Instead, it automatically launches as part of the install with no obvious way to opt out.

If it finds an infected file, it swings into action. Once a file is stopped, fixed or quarantined, you have to go to the messaging center to see the report. The information it provides here is minimal. Check out our Avira review or Avast Pro review to see how an interface should work. The scan modes can be found on the antivirus page. You have to click the small horizontal lines in the bar for the full scan or quick scan to start it. Scanning starts with the registry, and you can follow along with each file in the messaging center as the scan is running.

The main screen shows a status bar for the scan or you can click the notifications to watch the details. On a Windows 10 laptop with basic Office software installed, along with a handful of programs such as GIMP and Skype, the full scan took over an hour.

During the initial full scan, the progress bar sat at the 99 percent mark for over 30 minutes, out of a total scan time of an hour and 16 minutes. Progress bars should be at least a little accurate. Malware downloads, whether manual or drive-by, phishing, ransomware, safe browsing and vulnerability scanners constitute the bulk of our concerns. The other two found decent results. Lower scores are better because they mean fewer false positives. Out of the 18 antiviruses tested, results ranged from a low score of one to a high of BullGuard Internet Security had It scored 80 out of on removing existing malware and AV-Test gave BullGuard Internet Security a percent rating on protection against zero-day malware attacks and email threats, as well as detection and prevention of malware.

For performance, the lab gave it a score of 6 of 6. Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization is one of our favorite websites for using industry standard Eicar test files to determine if an antivirus is properly configured and working.

Eicar files are fake malware used for testing purposes across multiple platforms. It stopped. It also left our test system vulnerable to the cloud. On another test website we use, Wicar, Firefox provided more protection than BullGuard Antivirus did. We initially thought it might have installed browser extensions without alerting us, but that was quickly disproven.

Over two-thirds of the time, BullGuard Antivirus failed to protect our test system. Contradictory results between our testing and the third-party laboratories, which gave it decent marks, creates a bit of a quandary.

We asked if there were special requirements for using the game booster and she responded that there were not. After reminding her that BullGuard Antivirus says it requires a minimum of four CPU cores, she said those were recommended specifications and it would work on a single core over 4. On our test system, though BullGuard Antivirus specifically says that option is disabled because it is effective only on systems with at least four CPU cores.

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