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bitdefender reviewer pack

On my test system, the scan quickly found hundreds of items in the categories Disk Cleanup, Registry Cleanup, and Privacy Cleanup. As recommended, I clicked to view details in each category.

Disk issues included junk, temporary, cache, and debug files, occupying 2GB of disk space. In the Registry issues category, Bitdefender reported useless or erroneous entries of several types, including software locations and shared DLLs. Privacy issues turns out to refer to browser cache, cookies, and history. I clicked Optimize to wipe away all the issues. On completion, the suite offered a detailed report, a lengthy HTML document listing every single file and Registry change. Similar components in some suites let you preview the changes and exempt specific ones, or reverse some or all of the changes afterward.

Most users would have no idea what to look for among the hundreds of items, so Bitdefender doesn’t bother with either preview or undo. Over time your computer can become cluttered with dozens of products whose makers think they’re important enough to launch at startup and always run in the background. In many cases, launching only as needed is sufficient, and it takes time to load all the programs. The Startup Optimizer helps clear the background process clutter. Quick Heal and Panda Global Protection offer basic management of startup programs, but Bitdefender kicks the process to the next level, showing you just how much the programs slow your startup experience.

When you click Optimize Device Boot for the first time, it warns that you must reboot so it can measure how fast the apps launch. After reboot, it displays how long the boot process took and how much of that time involved loading startup apps. On my physical test system this feature doesn’t work on virtual machines apps used just one second of a nearly two-minute boot time; your mileage may vary. You can reversibly disable any startup program, meaning that you’ll have to launch it manually if you want it.

For a situation in which startup programs truly slow the boot process, you can set some of them to load after a delay. This feature aims to report what percentage of Bitdefender users choose Enable, Delay, or Disable for each app. If you don’t see the community data right away, just give it a little time. BullGuard Premium Protection offers a similar feature, with a full timeline of processes that load at startup. The startup manager in Symantec Norton Security Premium reports resource usage and prevalence among other Norton users.

Where the Optimizer component looked for useless files taking up space, Disk Cleanup seeks very large files and leaves you to decide whether you need them. The report does include files essential to Windows, such as pagefile. The previous edition displayed results in a colorful double-ring pie chart, but the current edition offers a simpler, more practical view. It buckets found items into four size ranges: Deciding which file might be unnecessary can be tough, but you should probably ignore any that aren’t in familiar document, image, or movie formats.

Sorting the results by file type makes identifying those easier. If you’re not sure about a found item, you can click a search icon to examine it. A little scrutiny revealed that indeed it was Lord of the Rings, Extended Edition, part of the file collection used in my suite performance tests.

Once you make your choices and confirm deletion , Bitdefender wipes the files from disk, bypassing the Recycle Bin. Anti-Theft for Windows For a hulking desktop computer that resides in your home, or a locked office, theft probably isn’t a worry. However, modern laptops are so powerful that many individuals and companies eschew the desktop altogether. How convenient, taking your computer wherever you want!

Or, from a thief’s viewpoint, how convenient, taking your computer… You don’t have to do anything special to enable anti-theft on a Windows laptop. Buttons on the Anti-Theft page let you locate, lock, or wipe the device.

The option to sound a loud alarm is Android-only. When the device connects via Wi-Fi, it gets its location using Wi-Fi triangulation. In testing, this proved quite accurate. However, on an Ethernet connection it falls back on IP address geolocation, with much coarser accuracy. If you’re lucky, it will give you the right city. In my case, it located the laptop about three miles away, in a sometimes-flooded nature area. Fortunately, a stolen laptop will almost certainly connect via Wi-Fi.

Clicking Lock brings up a few options. By default, it remotely locks your user account and deactivates other accounts. You can choose to have it snap a few webcam photos as it locks, on the chance you’ll get a mug shot of the laptop thief.

If your laptop’s Windows account doesn’t have a password, first, for shame! Second, you can still lock it down with a four-digit passcode. And if you forget the passcode you can find it again at Bitdefender Central. When I tested this feature, I forgot that my test laptop necessarily goes without an account password. Fortunately, the passcode from the online console served to restore access. That’s it for anti-theft, but really, this is everything you need for a laptop.

Yes, the option to sound an alarm is absent, but you’re a lot more likely to lose an Android phone around the house than a laptop.

You can locate a lost or stolen laptop, and you can lock it to prevent misuse. If it’s hopelessly unrecoverable, you can send a remote command to wipe the device, keeping your data out of unfriendly hands. Protection for macOS The parental control system in Bitdefender’s entry-level suite supports Macs, but in a slightly odd way. It first installs a trial of Bitdefender’s macOS antivirus. Once the device shows up in Bitdefender Central, you can connect it with the parental control system.

Even after the antivirus trial runs out, parental control remains active. With the cross-platform product, you get a full installation of Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac , as well as the free version of the VPN. Independent antivirus testing labs love this product, and it aced our hands-on phishing protection test.

It protects your files and your backups against ransomware. And its TrafficLight browser extension warns of dangerous links in search results, just as it does in a Windows installation. To learn all the details about Bitdefender’s macOS product, please read my full review. Click the link to download the app from Google Play, and you’re ready to go. Your Bitdefender Central credentials are baked into the process.

Initially, Bitdefender Security leads you through some important settings and actions. You need to give it Device Administrator status to enable anti-theft, as well as more mundane permissions such as access to your calls, photos, media, and files.

It recommends a full malware scan and invites you to enable App Lock more about that shortly. If you activate the feature, Bitdefender can snap a photo of someone trying to guess your lockscreen PIN.

From the online console, you can locate, lock, or wipe the device, as with Windows. You can also make it sound a loud alert, handy if you’ve misplaced your phone. There’s an option to invoke these features using coded text messages, but since the Android device I use for testing isn’t provisioned for cellular, I couldn’t try that.

For safety’s sake, Bitdefender only accepts the coded text messages from a phone that you’ve previously identified as trusted. That malware scan at startup runs quickly, and you can launch it again any time you feel uneasy. Bitdefender also scans new apps as you install them. It doesn’t go quite as far as the Norton Android app, which rates apps right in the Play Store, but it won’t let you install anything malicious.

Account Privacy is a mobile-specific feature; I’m not sure why it doesn’t appear in Windows. It checks your Bitdefender account against known breaches, and reports any hits. On my test device, it found breaches at exploit. The app advises to change the account password and then swipe away the warnings. Nobody can access your phone when it’s locked with a PIN or, even better, a fingerprint. However, someone who picks it up unlocked while you’re not looking could dig into your private email or other data.

App Lock lets you put additional security on email, Messages, Settings, or any other apps you wish. Just tap to choose the protected apps. As for how and when they lock, you have choices. By default, every use of a locked app requires unlocking via PIN or fingerprint. You can set it to keep unlocked apps open until the screen goes off which kind of defeats the purpose.

More usefully, you can permit a brief exit and return without requiring a second unlock. And you can set it so that all apps remain unlocked when you’re on a trusted Wi-Fi network.

Bitdefender also applies its powerful web protection to keep you safe from malicious and fraudulent sites, just as it does on Windows. It protects Chrome automatically, and can optionally protect Dolphin, Firefox, and Opera.

While not the security extravaganza that Bitdefender offers on Windows, Bitdefender Security on Android is a comprehensive suite of security components. It includes antivirus, anti-theft, web protection, locking for your sensitive apps, and even account privacy reporting. When you install protection on an iPhone or iPad, it doesn’t use up one of your licenses. That’s understandable, because the iOS product just doesn’t do a lot.

As with Android, the iOS app has a connection to the VPN built right in, and you can use it for MB per day of secured internet connection on a server selected by the app. If you’ve paid for a Premium VPN subscription, you can choose the country for your server and use the VPN as much as you like, with no bandwidth cap. This app incudes the same Account Privacy feature found on Android, along with similar antitheft abilities.

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The Bitdefender Central platform gives you the possibility to easily manage the subscriptions you have for all your devices. An activation code purchased from. Complete protection for all Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices in your household* Bitdefender Family Pack delivers multiple layers of protection against ransomware. Bitdefender Family Pack , named Outstanding Product by AV-Comparatives, gives you the best anti-malware.

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Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is the latest edition of Bitdefender’s feature- packed antivirus package. At the core of the program is an accurate. The $per-year Bitdefender Family Pack includes licenses for unlimited instances of Total Security As with all of the other products.

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