Avs video editor no sound

Simple Video Editor with Advanced Features If you are into vlogging or any video making profession, you might already be using some video avs video editor no sound for sure. But, if you have landed on this post, that means you are still in search of a better video editor and trust us when we say that you have landed at the right place. In this post, we will review the AVS Video Editor which is one of the most popular video editors among the Windows users. The USP of this software is its ease of use.

AVS Video Editor review: Simple Video Editor with Advanced Features

avs video editor no sound

AVS Video Editor Playback and Sound Issues Sunday, June 24, I made a video celebrating Lauren’s high school graduation, from video clips of her friends, family and teachers since preschool reciting the text from Dr.

Seuss’s Oh the Places You’ll Go! It turned out very cool, and I’m so grateful to all the people who participated in it! The finished project has approximately 60 video clips and 60 still frames and transitions.

First the editing playback stopped working altogether. I could sometimes exit and restart the program and get the playback functionality, but usually I had to either wait a few hours or reboot my computer. Often I would edit completely blind for a while, without playback, just using the timeline and hoping for the best.

When the playback randomly returned, I would take the opportunity to tweak everything. Eventually, the video looked great. Next was sound editing. Still dealing with the playback issue, which AVS Support tells everyone can be fixed with a reinstall it can’t , I began adjusting sound levels on the clips that were too loud or too quiet.

These clips came from all over the world, from iPhones and Blackberries the worst and webcams and goodness-knows-what. The sound was just very different among them. I could never get the levels right. I thought I had them, and then the next playback they would be back to where they were when I started. In the end, all the audio levels, while appearing on the project view to be adjusted, were at their original, varying volumes and still containing whatever background noise I had removed.

Last came the music. Where I had to join clips of a song for a nine-minute video, I wanted to fade back just a tad and fade into the next clip during a noisy-ish part of the talking. Turns out AVS Video Editor also has a known issue of injecting a really loud, momentary jump in volume when fading sound. Fade, fade I tried to end every sound clip at a silent spot, but that didn’t work either. So I can recommend AVS Video Editor for projects under ten minutes, involving a few clips and absolutely no fading audio overlay.

Otherwise, use something else. Because after a couple of months of working on a project, you can’t just switch to Movie Maker or Pinnacle both of which have their own issues as well, in my experience, which is the reason I have AVS at all without starting over from frame one.

I’m not a computer person, but I can report that I’m using a PC with Windows 7 and plenty of speed and memory to handle a video editing project. The vid is SO fun!! It’s totally about the people and not the couple of weird sound transitions.

Although the sound thing still makes the editor cringe. Name 4 things you always have with you. Two What causes you to admire people? I admire people who are intelligent and also those who are notably kind to others. Do you like sports? Would you have sex after marriage? Why or why not? I don’t think many people would sign up if there were no sex afterwards. What is your favorite male name? Ethan Do animals go to Heaven?

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What Is AVS Video Editor?

The Audio Mix is used to add a new soundtrack to your movie that will replace the First you will need to import the necessary audio into AVS Video Editor. using mts files and making normal dvd with AVS video editor the music(mp3) overlay is not audible on a standard dvd recorder/player but is.

VIDEO: Avs Video Editor No Sound

AVS Video Editor Problem; No Audio, No Overlays. Project Date: May Description: I ran into this problem when I was working for Dad. Only later I found out. AVS Video Editor, it’s similar to Windows Movie Maker, but with a few like it has no way of letting you lock the video or audio tracks separately.

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