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The features of IK Multimedia Amplitube 4: The functionality and interface are different in as a plug into the standalone edition. The looper and mini Daw are absent but apart from the amplitube keygen of it are the same. Amplitube keygen has both the tuner from the earlier edition and a new Ultra Tuner.

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amplitube keygen

This effect is modeled after a vintage compression stomp pedal. Envelope Filter Advanced filter effect 5 This stomp is an advanced filter effect. It uses the envelope of the incoming signal to control a synthesizer style filter. It is capable of sounds ranging from very simple auto wah effects to extreme never before heard filtering effects. With the included BPM sync this is a very useful effect for creating interesting, moving guitar parts with a minimum amount of trouble.

Rezo Make your guitar sound like a sitar or like a synth-drone to create sonic textures nobody will think has been done with a guitar 15 A unique effect that can add synth-like drones and sustaining resonances to your parts. Make your guitar sound like a sitar or like a synth-drone to create sonic textures nobody will think has been done with a guitar.

Set up the scale you want the resonances to sing on and control the notes with your controller to create arpeggios and steps while playing. Step Filter A powerful and deep beat synced filter effect 15 A powerful and deep beat synced filter effect. This will make your guitars and bass parts to sound like a rhythmic synth, if you want it!

Wah This effect is modeled after the classic wah pedal used by many of the top players from the 60’s and 70’s. In addition to the wah effect it also features an auto function, allowing it to be used easily without an external controller. This is a new exciting feature. Based on a multiple feedback opamp circuit, the pedal modeled here is a very expressive and unique wah pedal.

Typically used on lead guitar, this effect has remained a popular distortion effect throughout the years. Chorus This chorus is modeled after a classic Digital Chorus stomp box. It provides both analog Chorus and analog Vibrato effects, when in Chorus mode the modulation will be lush and slow, when in Vibrato effect the modulation will be faster and more noticeable.

While it has amazing warmth, it is also capable of very versatile chorus and ring modulation type sounds. Flanger This stomp box is a model of a classic Flanger effect. Opto Tremolo This model is based on a vintage Opto-Tremolo effect. You may wonder why it is called “small” when you hear it. More than just a pitch shifter, this pedal will create 3 separate harmony voices with independent interval values based on a musical scale.

Simply select the scale to use, select the voice and the desired pitch and play. The harmonized notes will be according to the selected scale.

It will produce two additional sounds, one and two octaves below the direct signal. Pitch Shifter This effect shifts the pitch of the incoming signal 10 This effect shifts the pitch of the incoming signal. This new pitch shifted signal is blended with the original sound to create harmony guitar leads or other types of dual pitch effects. Volume This model is a traditional volume pedal.

Step Slicer Beat synced slicing effect 15 Add programmed rhythmic parts to your power chords and phrases with this powerful and creative beat synced slicing effect.

Can be setup to create anything from the most amazing tremolos to the most complex rhythm effects that always stay in perfect sync with the beat.

Swell 15 This is an “auto volume” swell processor that can automatically create fantastic swell effects while playing without any manual intervention. Use it subtly to add groove to your rhythm parts or use it with deeper settings to create dreaming pads or string-like sounds. Digital Delay This advanced delay modeled effect can add a variety of depth to the sound, by providing five different delay modes. The delay can also be synced to the host tempo providing even more flexibility.

Digital Reverb 5 This digital reverb is capable of adding small amount of space to a signal or creating a huge hall around the instrument. Tap Delay 15 This creative delay effect unit can be used to create interesting and unusual delay effects thanks to the 8 totally independent taps. You can create grooving rhythm patterns by combining more taps with a specific time signature, and you can mix this up with psychedelic reverse tape effects you are able to set for each tap.

Perfect for overall tone shaping. Tube Compressor 5 This compressor was modeled after a classic tube compressor. It is a very versatile, smooth compressor, and can add great color to the signal.

Rezo 15 A unique effect that can add synth-like drones and sustaining resonances to your parts. Step Filter 15 A powerful and deep beat synced filter effect. Analog Chorus 5 This classic analog stereo chorus model adds depth and space to the input signal.

It can also be used as a vibrato effect. Digital Chorus 5 This modeled digital chorus effect creates a clear articulate chorus effect. Like the analog chorus, this effect adds depth and space to the input signal, but adds a different color to the overall signal. Digital Flanger This model of a digital flanger can create a metallic modulated sound. Rotary Speaker 5 This effect is a model of a rotary speaker cabinet. Harmonator 5 The Harmonator is an advanced harmonizing effect with three separate voices, each with independent harmony, level and pan.

By entering the key and scale that the instrument is playing, the harmonator analyzes the input signal and track the three independent voices to the correct music key and scale.

Pitch Shifter 5 This pitch shifting effect creates an independent harmony voice that can be blended with the original signal to create harmony lead parts and duet type guitar lines.

Step Slicer 15 Add programmed rhythmic parts to your power chords and phrases with this powerful and creative beat synced slicing effect. Stereo Enhancer The stereo enhancer model widens and narrows the stereo image. This mic is highly regarded as a guitar mic and used widely in studios all over the world. This means that the Dynamic 20 is a great selection for acoustic and electric bass. This dynamic microphone can deliver honest yet punchy sounds.

This model is based on the standard for small diaphragm mics. As with any good small condenser mic, the 84 provides a clean clear picture of the guitar tone. It can be found in any large recording studios mic locker. One of the first with transformerless technology, this microphone came into the world boasting a very high quality of sound with low noise and a very impressive dynamic range. This is modeled after one of the must-have studio ribbon microphones of our time.

With a silky-smooth high end and good low end body, a great choice for more vintage-sounding guitar tones, this mic mixes very well with other microphones for very full-bodied recordings. This amp is great for clean to dirty sounds, making ideal for clean and crunchy rhythm, rock, country, blues, and anything else requiring a clean amp capable of getting a little dirty when the music calls for it.

Unlike the American Tube Clean 1, this model is a smaller combo amp. This amp delivers a clean yet warm tone. Great for clean tones, it is also versatile in a variety of music genres and playing styles. Throughout its life, its legendary tone helped to put many of rocks founding fathers including 4 guys from Liverpool on the map and has been a highly sought after sound that is still heard on many albums today.

Able to crank out great tube saturated tone and with ease this model is a go to amp for a variety of heavy rock guitar sounds. While grittier and a little more aggressive, it still has the classic tone that has made this family of amps a household name in Rock Guitar.

Use this channel to get your hyper-driven sounds from stomps only, as well as for creating clean or edgy sounds. Ideal to be driven by overdrive and distortion pedals, the “Green” channel of this iconic amp has been modeled separately.

Capable of searing leads and heavy crunch, this amp has been rectified to create a modern rock tone that is hard to beat. This model is simple but sweet. The signature tone can be heard on many albums and many stages around the world.

Experience a sparkling clean with the capability for a touch of crunch when cranked up. This channel can be BIG and aggressive when you want some California crunch and smooth, tasty sustained lead sounds too.

Not just any version, but an accurate model of the well-known and loved version of an already spectacular amplifier. If you want some British sound, you can find it here. This is a model of a solid state powerhouse bass amplifier with great tone-shaping controls, a warm sound unlike most solid state amps, and a sought-after preamp. Many of the top metal players keep this not-so-secret weapon in the studio for great clean sounds.


Amplitube Crack 4 with Keygen is a guitar and effects modeling. This software is manufactured by IK Multimedia, a company in Italy. $ Off Coupon on Bitwig Studio 2 – The Queen of DAW – The Next Generation Music Production and Performance System – for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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IK Multimedia Amplitube 4 Crack Keygen. Introduction. Amplitube crack is a guitar and effects modeling. This application is manufactured by IK. IK Multimedia iRig Nano Amp + Amplitube 4, Mini Amplifier with software, Exclusive special edition with full version of IK Multimedia AmpliTube.

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