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Basic commands allow users to fix simple mistakes quickly. Undo a single action within your project. Undo multiple actions within your project. Removes all dialog boxes from your Photoshop window. You can also toggle adobe photoshop keys different screen sizes by pressing the F key.

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop CC

adobe photoshop keys

The following are 22 of my most commonly used Photoshop Keyboard shortcuts. These are simple commands that are pretty easy to pull off, and they will certainly speed up your productivity and workflow. Save As: Command Shift S Save for Web: Command Shift Option S Undo: Command Z Step Back: Command Option Z Duplicate: Command J Duplicate all visible Layers: Command H Default Colors: D black and white Flip Foreground and Background colors: X Hand tool while in another tool: Hold Spacebar Fill with Background color: Command Delete Fill with Foreground color: Option Delete Open Fill dialog box: Shift Command D Move tool while in painting tool: Caps Lock Lock transparent pixels: Shift and same as above Fit To Screen: Command 1 Load Channel as a selection: When the Move tool is active press any of the arrow keys to move 1 pixel in that direction.

Hold Shift to move 10 pixels at a time. If the Move tool is not active hold Command and then tap on the arrow keys,and hold shift to move 10 pixels at a time. Move duplicate of selection 1 px: Command Option any of the 4 arrow keys Move duplicate of selection 10 px: Move view to upper-left corner: Home Move view to lower-right corner: End Scroll up 1 Screen: Page Up Scroll down 1 screen: Page Down Scroll left 1 screen: Command Page Up Scroll right 1 screen: Fill with background color: Shift Backspace Sample as background color: Shift [ or Shift ] Switch between preset Brushes: Option Eraser Tool Cycle through blend modes: Select all Opaque Pixels: Command click on Layer Thumbnail Inverse: Command Shift D Feather Selection: Shift F6 Draw Marquee from Center: Hold Option Add to a Selection: Shift Subtract from a Selection: Option Intersect with a Selection: Shift-Option Move Selection in 1-pixel Increments: Arrow Keys Move Selection in pixel Increments: Shift Arrow Keys Move Marquee while drawing selection: Hold Space Select layer luminosity: Align Center: Command Shift C Align Left: Command Shift L Align Right: Command Shift R Justify par.

Command Shift J Justify par. Command Shift F Justify paragraph: Command Shift I Underline: Command Shift U Small Caps: Command H Auto leading: Command Shift Option A 0 for tracking: Cycle through blending modes: Shift Option N Behind Brush tool only: Shift Option Q Clear Brush tool only: Shift Option R Darken: Shift Option K Color Burn: Shift Option B Linear Burn: Shift Option A Lighten: Shift Option G Color Dodge: Shift Option D Linear Dodge: Shift Option W Overlay: Shift Option O Soft Light: Shift Option F Hard Light: Shift Option H Vivid Light: Shift Option V Linear Light: Shift Option J Pin Light: Shift Option Z Hard Mix: Shift Option L Difference: Shift Option E.

Popular shortcuts

All the best Photoshop CC PC keyboard shortcuts on a 1-page, downloadable, printable PDF. Move selection (in pixel increments), Shift– Arrow keys. Here are many keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop CS5, including lesser known and hidden Move Selection (in pixel Increments), Shift-Arrow Keys.

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One of Adobe Photoshop’s strengths is that it makes extensive use of I have also created an A4 print ready version of the photoshop cheat sheet here for .. They worked on my older version of PS but only the default keys will work on my . Keyboard Shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop at The internet’s online database for keyboard shortcuts.

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