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As soon as Windows loaded it reported that it had replaced a corrupt Windows Registry with a backup. So now I’m back up and running albeit with acronis try and decide amount of file corruption. So at this time launched Acronis True Image to perform a full system and mbr restore. This worked flawlessly and ran quite fast, only taking about minutes.

Acronis True Image

acronis try and decide

Originally Posted by Wishmaster Im a bit confused. I use try and Decide on occasion without issue and have a 64bit system. In fact, Acronis as a whole has been problem free for me with a x64 setup. Im curious however. Why do you feel Actonis is too intrusive? It does run a process in the background for its scheduler. But this only starts Acronis to do backups, of which you need to set as to how often and what time.

If you set no automatic schedules, it will never run unless you manually instruct it to. It will never do anything other than when its supposed to, as you asked of it. But I would also add, that sometimes its just easier to re-image. This however, really depends on how you have your discs setup.

For example, create a system disc Image. Experiement how you want and when, done restore the image. So a full system restore only takes about 6 minutes, and is sometimetimes just as fast and easy. This may not be true for everyone though. If you have a vert large system image that includes lots of Music and Movies for example, this route will take much, much longer.

I guess it could be from the reviews that I have read in the past about how Acronis embeds itself in the windows backup and restore control panel menu, and also heard cases of it causing errors in the registry. I read quite a few reviews of people stating that the interface was buggy and it messed up there computer as soon as it was installed, or some people couldn’t install it properly. I originally was going to use Acronis as my imaging program but decided to stay away from it for those reasons.

I am in the process of testing Macrium, Paragon and Easeus Todo to see which imaging program I like the best. I purchased a WD hard drive so I also have access to the free program they provide which I believe is slimmed down version of Acrnois Tru Image. Have you tried any of the imaging programs I have mentioned, how would you compare them to Acronis.

What is Try&Decide

Hi I am looking for substitution to Acronis try and decide feature, as I want to ditch Acronis all together. Acronis try and decide works by creating. Acronis True Image supports local and cloud backup of entire PC, Try & Decide – perform any unsafe operation in this mode, before deciding.

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Acronis True Image is a software product produced by Acronis that provides data protection for This edition also brings back the “Try and Decide” option which lets users perform potentially risky actions such as the installation of un-trusted. I am looking for a program that has similar functionality to Acronis’s ‘Try and Decide’ feature that is in there true image suite. Basically.

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